Like keys on a piano . . .

Like keys on a piano . . .
Ahhhh . . . Here at Last :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Puppy Progress

Well it is that time . . . the puppies are getting ready to go to their new homes and we meet this exciting time with both happiness for the puppies and their new owners and sadness as well since we love them ALL.  Seriously, every puppy is sweet and special and I'm glad I don't have the job of trying to pick one to stay with our family.  I'm in love with each and every one - big surprise  :)  Since our oldest Daughter Jorah is in charge of most of the puppy care and she has been chomping at the bit for our seal of approval, she will be the one to pick a new puppy for our family, which will be her dog.  I don't think she got to pick really, I think Red picked her. He began following her around more than the other pups and that was all it took.  She fell in love.  I have to say I'm happy with her choice in boys.  For her "first love" I couldn't be happier!  I hope prospective owners have the same experience because if they have to choose without the puppy picking them . . . well it may take a while.  They all have a way of special sweetness and it's not easy to pick a favorite.  All that being said, here are the details:  Lavender has been spoken for and so has Red.  I believe the Sire's family has chosen Orange for their daughter, Alexis.  I will know definitely about Orange later today or tomorrow.  All the other puppies are still available.  They are scheduled for their first shots on Monday, June 13th.  They will be able to go to their new homes on June 19th, Father's Day, when they will be eight weeks old.  What a Fathers Day gift they will be!  :)  Born Easter morning and going home on Fathers Day.  I will be putting new photos on shortly.  Yea for the Puppies!!

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